The series that took me two days, a restless night, on-screen crying and way too much coffee.

Jon Bon Jovi is currently visiting the UK and giving interview after interview for British radio and TV.
I expect, without bursting into tears.

This is my longest video series to date, and I actually already shot three of these videos yesterday.
Working until midnight.

And after going to bed, guess what?
In the middle of the night, I deleted everything from YouTube.
and adjusted the previous blog post, taking out a coaching offer.

Everything had suddenly felt SO wrong.
Afterwards I slept like a baby.

So what had happened?

Well, after a tumultuous Tuesday, I had sat down and broke down everything I had learned and decided I was going to turn up the heat.
I spent hours filming, redoing, uploading.
But the reason I found myself jumping out of bed and frantically taking down EVERYTHING I had created, is because sometimes topics are so hard, that you are not satisfied with how they come out initially.

That the truth is there, but the “Story” is not. Not yet.

So I started from scratch and redid all my work today, and yes.
They’re spot on now.
Still uncomfortably honest, and I may go out the moment I post them, to get my mind off them-
but this is the way they’re supposed to be.

~ Suzanne

Here they are: 4 different videos with Bon Jovi titles. And moving through the decades, like we always do.

1/4 7800° Fahrenheit (title album 1985)

On finding out I had been playing small creating yoga videos (!!)
And had also left way too much space for playing small after a social hiccup.

What we can all learn from this 2nd album from Bon Jovi, which was a do or die moment in their career, is that if you meet resistance or if things don’t feel right, the answer is never to play it safe and play small;
ut to turn up the heat, and go bolder and bigger.

2/4 The Fire Inside (from 100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong, and dated to the 90s)

The Fire Inside is from 5 disk set “100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong”
and was dated back to the 90s.
The song is about creative passion.

This video is on how I had marginalized my purpose work (the fire inside) to being this thing I was going to PLAN OUT (??!!)
at taking place in 1 hour and 45 minutes on weeknights.

Remembering Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, when he is told off for being late:
“I’m a performer, darling,
not a Swiss train conductor.”

Ending by looking forward (although that might not be the appropriate choice of words here!) to the third video, and how it was already quit the ordeal yesterday.

3/4 Story of My Life (bonus track on Have a Nice Day, 2005)

The story about why I quit teaching yoga, that I never told…..

4/4 I’m Your Man (Burning Bridges, 2015)

Oh, the biggie.
This week I discovered something about my sexuality, that ran a lot deeper than anecdotal events and stories which I may or may not have shared.
I discovered the one major thing, that will always make my sexuality threatening to others.


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7800 Fahrenheit: Let’s turn up the heat!

Oh my…. You know that expression:
“God whispers. But if you don’t listen he’ll throw bricks at you.”
Good news is: It ain’t bricks.
I m finally understanding things, before God sends me to the ER.
But it sure as hell were EXTREMELY CLEAR messages!
And they will have an enormous impact on what I ve been doing here (or: not doing…. (yes God, I get it)) with Rock Star Yoga.
So, fasten your seat belts, as I will turn up the heat, starting tonight by filming as many new vids as I can, containing all these new insights which – of course- do not just mean, that I have been playing small.
Denying myself.
And basically tried to marginalize my very own existence in order to avoid being seen.
But… that in all likeliness…maybe…. so have you?
Maybe we’ve both been hiding the rock star within, in order to play small and get by without being noticed?
So for me, the breakthrough came today. It’s a long story, but I ll tell it in a juicy way. Before God starts throwing bricks after all, for being a total bore.
But – as sort of an elaboration – I do think it all started this weekend, already.
When I learned to drink whiskey (video: Live before you die) and learned the hard way, by almost suffocating myself, that planning my life literally takes my breath away.
(video: God Bless This Mess)
You can watch both at my channel:
And witness the first two Aha-moments, of what would become a big breakthrough 48 hours later.
Before I finally started rocking it.
Our new videos will be posted to YouTube on Wednesday February 26;

I originally added an offer here, but I have decided to pull it back including all the videos I filmed after a major breakthrough!
Tomorrow, I will create new videos, including one where I share why I decided to never again become commercially active.
And why offering my services as a teacher or coach, or even speaker, would actually block what I can do for you way quicker, for free. 


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Wildflower: The reinvention of Rock Star Yoga

about the video: “Wildflower” is on the Have a Nice Day album (2005) and it was performed live, only twice. This is one of them.

Five days ago I posted a photo on Facebook.
A rose.
And I wrote an honest, spontaneous message, that uplifted me, yet confronted me with a brutal truth:
How not uplifting my posts had recently been.

That the fear of not having enough time to write these lengthy posts (I have five blogs), had made me way too eager to focus on YouTube, and limit this Rock Star Yoga blog to transcripts of that.
And I must say, these stories held up remarkably well, after being written out from video to blog.
But I didn’t even blog the last ones. I made the drafts, but then I saved them, and never finished them.

After Monday’s rose post, I felt the tables had turned!
And on Wednesday and Thursday I LEAPED, at the YouTube channel!

I created two stories in my Bon Jovi series, and I started teaching real yoga there as well! 
So if you subscribe to YouTube, you can still follow the original Rock Star Yoga Bon Jovi series, and the new online classes.

But today (Friday) it was almost as if I had to pay for it..

Now I am not telling the whole story, if I say that today’s meltdown was all caused by a backlash from my work for YouTube.
In fact it wasn’t caused by that at all.
It’s just that I do see a pattern, that whenever I m completely in the zone of doing what I love, I tend to sabotage myself. Or seem overly susceptible to old fears haunting me.
Not in exactly the same way, as they have been doing since I was 15.
That would not work, because ultimately I ve always been able to debunk them. 
But they’re masters at shape shifting, and always come up with something new and inventive, that – at least initially – looks as a Real Fear I Should Into.
Pro tip: 
It may be a real fear, but that doesn’t make it a real threat.

Since last year my fear dresses up as a very particular social fear, and I m not even going tell fear of what, because I have very bad experiences with that.
Ever since my first anxiety attacks, I ve learned that fear is contagious.
If I tell people I have “anxiety” or are “phobic”; they are very understanding.

But as soon as I tell them what it is I fear, they immediately become scared themselves and tell me it’s “good to be careful” and “not everybody has to know.”
In other words, I m actually confirmed in my fear.
I think this is a particular burden to bear for people with social anxiety. I m sure it doesn’t happen if you have a fear of spiders.
But that’s why I m not sharing the specifics.
Just that it hit me hard today, and that it was a difficult day because of it. I had been looking forward to staying productive, and instead something had happened and fear hit me in the head.
It’s very late on a Friday night, and it’s just now that I remember that I was originally so looking for to today; To writing for this Rock Star Yoga blog.
And to announce how I’m totally revamping it, to being a fun, lighthearted, NON SCRIPTED blog!
Ha ha ha!
So either way, although I felt a bit conscious, of rebooting something that is so important to me, on a day where I feel I ve been hit by many demons from the past. Knocked straight on the head! And slapped on the face!
And maybe received a good spanking too!
Although that would have taken the sharpest edges off, I guess 😉

I did feel a bit uncertain to have the audacity to just get back into the saddle, stick to the plan, and say:
“Hey! We’re upleveling this blog, and it’s gonna be so cool!”
The day had not been perfect, and although I was starting to recover from my anxiety, I wasn’t light and bright. And I probably still had demonic residue  stuck to my new curly hair.
(I also had a great haircut, which you can see on YouTube)

Yet, I made a decision that getting back into the saddle and sticking to the plan, was exactly what I was going to do.

So here’s the deal: 
This is the Rock Star Yoga blog, and it was founded in 2019, to share all the things that Yoga Does Not Tell You.
All the stuff that really doubles or quadruples your energy.
All the fears, and the pain, and the seemingly-not-important-enough irritations with life itself, that are actually holding you back from everything you are meant to be doing, everything you can be, do, have. Holding you back from your purpose, from adventure, from creating a full-blown life you love.
THAT’S Rock Star Yoga.
Originally Rock Star Yoga were these blogposts, combined with YouTube videos (which I had to take down because YouTube unedited my videos) and then for a while it were just transcripts from my new YouTube series.
But what I m going to do is:
Rip the band aid.
Speak from the heart.
Look all those uncomfortable fears into the eye, whenever they come back to haunt me – and they do so particularly when I m going off the path and start to flow with life. And I m going to encourage you to do the same.
Ignore them, let them be, and start moving the needle on your life.

I invite you to follow this blog.
Not to be soothed by a done-for-you formula where you know what to expect. Just like life, there’s no telling what to expect, and what will be shared here!

But I promise this blog will be more bouncy and honest than ever, and it will give you that jump of the heart, or maybe even gut, of feeling alive.
Being surprised.

And wild.


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We need to talk about Katrina Ruth. What about now?

I knew we’d one day need to talk about the amazing Katrina Ruth
What about now?
Because just as I had planned shooting my “What about now” video on YouTube,
where I would cover how important it is to stay connected to your higher vision NOW so that you can do the work even at times when it’s hard,
exactly how Bon Jovi created their studio album What about now in the midst of struggle,
a question popped up on Katrina Ruth’s page:
What was it from all of her programs and teachings that had impacted us most?
I answered that above all else, it was how she taught us to BE at the level you want to live your life, before you move a finger.
That being connected to your highest vision, comes before anything else, and that ultimately THAT is what will get you the results.
And if you want to be the first to know how this bold statement has anything to do with living life at rock star level?
My next video is “What About Now”.
What about:
You lived your best life, and did what you came here to do,
Rock Star Yoga
you weren’t born to follow
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There has been a fail in YouTube editor, which has “unlocked” the unedited versions of 5 years of content.
This was a blessing in disguise. I see it as YouTube making a management decision to give me a fresh start.
But this did mean I could no longer curate what would stay up and what would not –
and had to
take everything down, except the videos from this new series.

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Rock Your Yoga

Rock Star Yoga is based on principles of being your own teacher, raising your energy, using your body as your instrument, and full creative freedom in your practice.

If you would like to practice with a teacher first, here are my recommended resources:

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Kassandra

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